3 steps for a safe event from a single source:

real hybrid virtual

Virtual events

Virtual events are events that do not take place in a physical location, but only take place over the Internet. They are offered online and can be visited by participants using computers, laptops or mobile devices - regardless of location and thus reach their community worldwide. The virtual stage is specifically adapted to individual needs, program and target group. All content, presentations, interactions, such as voting or surveys, but also exhibitors and sponsors are integrated into the virtual event platform. 


In our production studio you have the opportunity to professionally record certain content such as speeches or presentations in advance or to broadcast it LIVE straight away. 

Hybrid events

Hybrid event formats are the link between the real and the virtual world of events. With hybrid events, organizers offer participants the opportunity to take part in the event both physically and online. 

Depending on the traffic lights and the currently prevailing Covid-19 regulations, we always have to plan several variants. The worst thing for organizers and participants would be a complete cancellation of the event. This must be prevented! Even if only a small audience is allowed, the protagonists can hold the event at the appropriate distance on stage or in a TV studio setting and the remaining participants can be there online. 

In the future we will implement all larger events as hybrid events. After all, even after the Corona crisis, sustainable thinking and fewer trips in the sense of climate change will remain. 

Production Studio

In our state-of-the-art studio you can record your speeches, product presentations, interviews, general meetings or press conferences with the help of professional technology for images and sound or stream them LIVE straight away. 

Studio Stetten:

  • 72 m2 studio space with separate control room 
  • Selection of different settings
  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • different backgrounds (green, white, black screen)

Use our opportunities to make your digital event even more professional. 

Details & Prices Studio Stetten


With state-of-the-art technology for sound, light, IT and video, STEINERLIVE is your specialized partner in the AV & media sector. Regardless of event size, target group, location, and budget, we design your tailor made full service package. Be inspired by our experienced project managers working with professional tools in the event technology space. Whether you need LED walls, projectors, screens, conference technology, or microphones, we offer you innovative and sustainable high-end technology.


There is no easier way to integrate and entertain the audience than to ask questions LIVE on the stage. We can get a sense of the public's interest through real time feedback from everyone in the room.

For example, you can enhance your presentation through a question and answer session with a catchbox (soft ball with integrated wireless microphone). Or create excitement with LIVE voting tools and the extensive capabilities of Mentimeter or Sli.do - that will increase your attention.

Our LIVE-streaming packages:

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Services Classic Premium Executive
Hardware and streaming-operator
Audio recording
Streaming in HD
Camera incl. Camera operator
Remote-controlled camera incl. operator
Embed your presentation
Additional camera
LIVE administration incl. director


Give your company, your product, or your appearance increased attention and reach the virtual target group on many channels through the STEINERLIVE platform. Whether you stream the entire event or just selected lectures online LIVE is up to you. Now you can stream professionally with our full-service LIVE packages. After the event, use your video as a webcast, webinar, video on demand (VoD), or e-learning.

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